Tuesday, September 24, 2013

2014 Kenpo Senior Conference

We had to skip 2013 due to scheduling conflicts with other groups. I was told people were mad at me but it is what it is. Steve White and I want to promote peace and cooperation in the kenpo community and throwing another event in a crowded schedule would not help.
The date as of now is May 2-4, 2014 here in Texas. The Omni hotel we used for the first event is not available so I'm looking for another. The same kenpo seniors have agreed on the date, those being myself, Bob White, John Sepulveda and Steve LaBounty. That weekend is also the birthdate of the late Sibok Tom Kelly, so we'll dedicate the event to his memory.
  We plan to expand the schedule to have some sessions during the day on Friday. We'll limit your choice to one of two sessions versus the three in 2012. That being the only complaint we heard, not being able to decide between interesting subjects.
  This is a "lineage" event. That means we select our assistant instructors from the lineages represented by the four seniors. We term them "lieutenants" and wish to showcase those on the way up be becoming the next generation of senior instructors. Of course, some of us have a right-hand man who is senior in their own right, but we still call them lieutenants.
  We're lining up female instructors, too. Barbara White from CA and Denise Plowman of ID are already on board. Steve White, 8th degree is committed. Graham Lelliott and Ron Sanchez are on the list.
  As I write this I am getting ready to head down to the San Antonio area to look at venues that will include the possibility of doing it at a ranch. These facilities have a variety of rooms, dining halls, fitness facility, pools, Jacuzzi, hiking trails, horseback riding, campfires and more. That makes them a good thing if you want to bring the family. More later on this.
  Steve White and I are looking forward to hosting you again in 2014.
  Remember, we call it the Kenpo Senior Conference because it's a chance for seniors to get together, not because it's for old people.

A Big Deal in Miami

I'll be part of an event, directed by Munis Abunawar, in Miami on Sunday, 10 November. There's the Pan-American tournament on Saturday, which I'll be at too. Sunday includes myself, Bob White, Gilbert Velez and Manny Reyes. http://www.panamericaninternationals.com/ and

Texas seminars

The weekend of Oct. 11-13 I'll be on staff with Dennis Conatser and Brian Duffy at Mr. Duffy's AKF camp in Austin.
The last Saturday of the month, Oct 26, I'll be doing a seminar on two-man defenses at Round Rock Karate Academy here. www.rrkarate.com
The Dallas area seminar will be May 17 in Coppell at Oscar Steele's.  

California seminars

I'll be out Fresno was the first weekend of October with Graham Lelliott. www.glkenpo.com

Atlanta this weekend

I'll be up at Keith Mathew's studio in Cumming, GA this Saturday. www.kmkarate.com

New book is coming

I'm on a deadline to submit the manuscript to the publisher in October. This is the compilation of my books, Kenpo Karate 101 through 601. That means parts of 101 will be included for historical background on the system and Mr. Parker. The chapters on the forms have been re-done with the few errors corrected. All the thesis form material has been consolidated. New chapters on Forms 7 and 8 are added. A new chapter on sets is in there, too. You'll get the history of them as well as their reason for being. All the general rules of motion are consolidated, new photos, too.
I've spent many hours recently re-writing some things for clarity based on input I've gotten over the years. I've updated some of the historical info in the opening chapter since it's been over a decade since 101 was originally published. John Sepulveda wrote a preface for it, too and contributed to the chapters on 7 and 8. Many of the photos were done in Germany and England as well as the US, so you'll see it was an international effort.
The book is looking to be out late in 2014 through Blue Snake books. Working title is The Kenpo Karate Compendium. This will be THE book on the forms.  

New KenpoTV postings

I've got several new seminar clips of Mr. Parker ready to go up to KenpoTV. He covers variations on Lone Kimono, Parting Wings and tells the story about himself and Elvis with Tom Jones.
If you're unfamiliar with the site go to www.wedlakekenpotv.com. A week long trial is only $1.

November European visit

Howdy y'all,
   I've got a bit of a long trip in mid-late November this year to see friends in Germany, England and Ireland.
  The weekend of 15-17 November I'll be at Marc Sigle's studio in Esslingen, Germany, outside Stuttgart. It's a weekend thing with classes Fri eve and on Saturday and Sunday. John Filipidis from Greece has indicated he may be there, too.
  That Monday I'm off to Willich, near Dusseldorf with Thomas Kozitzky. I'll do some evening classes Mon-Tues-Weds.
  On Thursday, 21 Nov I'm off to Gary Ellis' club in Plymouth, England. Then it's over to see Ed Downey in Dublin on Monday and Tuesday.
  Subjects are set for the Plymouth and Willich seminars. That info and contacts are on my seminar page at www.wedlakekenpotv.com/leewedlake/seminars-2
  Since I'm coming back to the US the day before Thanksgiving I'll be in Ft. Myers, FL for the holiday.

October 2013 premium subscriber article

If you're a subscriber to my monthly articles (not to be confused with the free newsletter), the October article is on use of the thumbs. I was a bit surprised it was a long as it is but there's a lot to using them and keeping them from getting hurt.
Subscription is $29/year and you can register by going to www.wedlakekenpotv.com

The October 2013 newsletter

The next newsletter is about ready to go. You can get on the e-mail list, and it's free, by going to my site at www.wedlakekenpotv.com/leewedlake and subscribe.
Every month I list updates to my video site, recommended reading, seminar schedules, video links of interest and other items. I've been told it's pretty handy.

I've been delinquent

Google had me locked out of this blog for some time and today I managed to crack the code.